Sunday, May 6, 2018

10th Anniversary to PC (GTA SA)

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Version for GTA SA, is now, ALMOST DONE!

It includes:

-Mobile ped specular (Shiny effect to characters)
-Mobile colorfilter (Using SkyGFX)
-Mobile reflections (Using SkyGFX leeds)
-Mobile loading screens
-Mobile HUD
-Mobile characters with hands
-Mobile vegetation
-Xbox 360/PS4 Medals (i don't think if it works right thought)
-Mobile School Medals

Saturday, May 5, 2018

10th Anniversary to PC (GTA 3)

This mod now makes your PC version look like the anniversary edition!

biiiiiiiiggggg thanks to The_Hero, DimZet13 & VadimM!

Download via GTAInside

10th Anniversary to PC (GTA VC)

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This is a 10th Anniversary conversion for GTA VC! Make your PC GTA VC to look close to the Mobile Version.

But not also Mobile stuff! Xbox wheels, ps2 newspapers, bus stop benches, ocean beach bathroom and Howlin Petes enterable!

Bugs: Game crashes on the Docks Deal in the first cutscene. It's either the assasins models (assa, assb, assc) or Vic Vance/Pete Vance's model. You should skip this cutscenes. However i played the other storyline and it seems to work perfectly!

Download on GTAInside

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ol' Dirty Trashmaster

-Model from GTA 3 Xbox;
-HQ Textures, but in lowpoly vanilla style;
-Fully SA styled;
-Fully working on SA-MP & MTA;


There is a bug with the mirror (i don't know how this is called) it has a white texture.


LCS Radio Stations for Vice City

Mod made 100% by me, Lil Slim C.

Replaces all VC radio stations to LCS's radios like this:

Head Radio - Wildstyle
Double Cleff FM - Flash FM
K-Jah - K-Chat
Fever 105 - Rise FM
V-Rock - Lips 106
VCPR - Radio Del Mundo
Radio Espantoso - MSX 98
Wave 103 - The Liberty Jam